Why Some Fasteners Are Used In The Combination Of Locknuts?

The main property of fasters is to provide stability to a structure. They are considered universal components to form non-permanent and robust joints. Their major purpose is to simplify the machines and structures they are used in. Fasteners, in general, eliminate the need for larger parts and make it easy to design complex components to fasten them together. In some cases, they are used to achieve additional support.

Collar locknuts

Some most common fasteners bolts, washers, nails, and screws. A variety of factors can influence the performance of the locknuts and some of the include bending forces, corrosion, joint movement, shock loads, vibration, extreme temperature, prying forces, hydrogen embrittlement. These reasons have been considering as age-old problems. Great sustainability, support, and robust joints don’t happen in some cases of fasteners and that’s where the need of locknuts occurs to resist loosening and maintain proper formation of the joint.

How Do Locknuts Help To Offer More Sustainability To The Joint?


Locknuts are traditionally accepted methods. To provide extra security, the combination of two locknuts has been using for a very long time. However, the method may still require regularity check. Prevailing torque locknuts and surface facing are some most common lock nut groups. All metal prevailing torque locknuts are the most talked-about nuts that achieve their prevailing torque by changing the shape of nuts in some ways. In most cases, they achieve prevailing torque by distorting the threads of nuts which then bites into the mating part after tightening. Torque locknuts like collar type locknuts are widely used nuts in various industries.

The formation of the locking mechanism leads to damage to the protective coating of threads of nut and bolt used in the joint. Replacement of nuts reduces the risks of damage. Clearly, there is limited use of these kinds of lock nuts. One of the biggest examples of the statement is the rail industry where tracking applications are required to properly check the integrity of the joints. Regular check avoids serious circumstances of accidents that occur due to loose fasteners and weak joints. Various fastener technologies with locknuts are now being used in the industry and hardlock implementation is one among them.

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