Why Prevailing Torque Locknuts are the Best Option for Assembling Machines

The locknuts manufacturer and supplier provides the customer with two most common locknuts group: Prevailing Torque and Surface bearing. Prevailing torque locknuts have a design feature that produces friction between threads of mated components which in turn enhances the force required to tighten or loosen the nut. The Prevailing Torque Locknuts have been further divided into two categories, namely: all metal and nylon insert lock nut.

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About Prevailing Torque Locknuts – In Detail

The biggest highlight of the Prevailing torque locknuts is they can create frictional interference between the threads of the mating components. Another plus point of all prevailing torque fasteners is that self disassembly can be uneven even if preload diminishes completely. This is due to the remaining rotational resistance factor. Prevailing torque lock nuts are not permanently locked in place. Even after installation, they can be adjusted or removed.

Usually, the prevailing torque nuts should be used with the minimum thread engagement which is very much necessary to develop the holding strength of the nut as well as the locking action. If these nuts are made to travel over a long thread under load, it can lead to the damage of locking system.

What Makes Them Unique

Prevailing locknuts are also known as one way lock nuts because they are installed one way – canonical top up and they have top locking with flat bottom surface. Being non metal, they are not subjugated to temperature and chemical limitations of non metallic insert type lock nuts. They are widely used in agricultural equipment and the automotive and metalworking industries. The all prevailing torque locknuts can also be used in the form of spacer or stop nuts, especially where the components can rotate freely without any end. They are also known as all metal lock nuts, all steel lock nuts, automation style lock nuts, top lock nuts.

How Prevailing Torque Locknuts Help Assemble Machines

Localized Plastic Deformation – In this process, the starting threads accept the mating part before the prevailing torque begins. The nylon insert locknuts have interference only in the nylon ring but the metal part is free spinning. Interference in the nylon insert locknuts is the entire internal circumference of the ring made of nylon.

Interference Fit – In this type of process, the threads of the prevailing torque locknut have a negative clearance means there is contact as well as deflection with the mating part.

Continuous Sliding – In this process, as the nut is installed, contacting thread surfaces of the locknut and the bolt slide across each other.

Usually, the prevailing torque locknuts are not considered suitable for long threaded assemblies because of the extended nut that travels along the thread thereby damaging the nut’s locking feature or the mating threads. That is why it is recommended to check the length of the bolt and screw. It should never be longer than the one required to make sure full thread engagement with the nut.

How Will It Benefit Your Business?

Prevailing torque locknuts are reusable but for a limited number of times. They are beneficial for the business in a way that it reduces the amount of wastage. Due to its reusable factor, it can be reused for the limited number of times thus avoiding the expenses.

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