Usage and Benefits of Automation Locknuts

Automation locknuts, popularly known as oval lock and cone top, are highly suitable for high volume operations. Automation locknuts are the top choice among industries when rugged and reliable locknut is required. It is available in strength grades A, B and C. The cone-shaped locknut allows for automated, high speed assembly with very less temperature limitations.

Automation Locknuts

The automation locknuts have a uniform bearing and chamfered top which are formed by manufacturing them on cold and hot forming equipment. This also provides consistent prevailing torque results. These locknuts are available in almost all types of plating including phosphate & oil, cadmium, zinc, wax, and automotive organic finishes.


  • The locknuts are widely used in high volume assembly area.
  • The cone shape allows for the orientation of locknut for the automated industry.
  • They are widely used in automotive, industrial and agriculture sectors as a rugged locknut that withstands severe vibration and shock loads.

Usage of Automation Locknuts

The demanding applications and industries where automation locknuts are widely used have been enlisted below:

  • Aerospace / Aviation
  • Turbine Engines
  • Automotive Turbochargers
  • Military Applications
  • High Temperature Applications
  • High Vibration Applications
  • Ship Building Applications

Why one should use automation locknut?

The amount of security offered by locknut outweighs the investment made. The force that a product sees in service are unknown and unexpected despite the best guess and the test of engineering. Also, the cost of repair and replacement is less expensive than any other expense. The overall impact of adding a locking feature can be lessened with the selection of the right type of application.

Benefits of automation locknuts

The unique patented design of automation locknuts results in a locknut that is capable enough to hold the joint tightly in the most demanding, high vibration applications. You don’t need any special tools for installation. These locknuts can be used in repeated maintenance applications, without any degradation in their performance.

  • They are simple and effective locknuts
  • You do not require any special tools for installation
  • Repeated maintenance makes them infinitely adjustable
  • They never deform and damage the thread of the bolt
  • They are proven to perform excellent in the most demanding applications
  • Performs at extreme temperatures and environments (underwater, acidic, corrosive, salt water)

About TriState Locknuts

TriState Locknuts has been a renowned manufacturer and processor of metal prevailing automation collar locknuts. We have been involved in the design of tooling and machinery for the locknut industry since 30 years. We specialize in the production of special machinery and locknut technology for ourselves and others. Our locknuts design is registered with US Patent and Trademark Office and with DISC. TriState is also an approved supplier of automation locknuts to the government.