Understanding the Use of Fasteners in Your Manufacturing Industry

Are you the owner of a manufacturing plant? Are you looking to maximize profits? But there are many things that ultimately affects the plant’s overall productivity and bottom line. So, you need to pay attention to most of it in order to boost your profits. Even the tiniest details should be sorted out and should not be neglected. A good example is to understand how fasteners are being used in your manufacturing plant.


Because in utter negligence you might end up spending more on the flange locknuts, thus decreasing your profits. Then you’ll have to increase the price of your goods and services to maintain profits, but this will hamper your competition. To help overcome this, you can audit your fastener used in the facility to make sure that they are most effective.

Choose a Method to Keep Accounting – You will need to adopt an agile methodology of accounting for fasteners used in the facility. This is vital especially if use costly locknuts in your plant. One of the simple way to carry out this accounting procedure is the barcode system. In the barcode system each fastener used will be scanned by a barcode. This helps you in easily identifying the specific fastener that is being used to fasten machinery. If you’re using other types of flange locknuts, this process can be carried out in batches.

Know In-Depth How Many Fastener Should be Used for Specific Purpose

If yours is an automotive or manufacturing industry, it is easy to keep track of the standard figure as to how many fasteners will be used for a particular job. For instance, when you know that you’ll need 10 bolts to fit all the wheels in a single car wheel, you can multiply this digit with the number of cars you’ve produced in a certain time frame. Then you can draw the comparison between the number of bolts that you’ve actually used. If you draw the conclusion that the number of bolts used is much higher than what was required, you’ll be able to easily know the shortfalls and address them for later.

Make Sure That All Damaged Fasteners are Stored

One of the main reason why more fasteners can be used than what was anticipated for a particular task is due to the damaged during use. If your employees happen to discard some fasteners on the account of being damaged then simply count them to keep an account. Make it a policy in your plant that each of the damaged fastener should be stored in a particular department so that it becomes easy to audit in the future. This will also give you an in-depth detail about the quality and the standard of the fasteners being used.

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