Understand Different Types of Locknuts

Known by so many names such as prevailing torque nut, stiff nut, or elastic stop nut – locknut is a nut that resists loosening under vibrations and torque. They are used to locate bearings onto a shaft. Additionally, they are frequently used to secure gears, belt pulleys and other machine components. This is a highly effective method of securing wheels on shafts/axles. All the locknuts run faster and more uniformly than anyone else. This helps in saving time and money for the users.

Flange Locknuts

TriState Tool & Die is a locknuts manufacturer and processor of all metal prevailing torque locknuts. We specialize in designing, building and innovating special machinery and locknut technology. Here are the popular types of locknuts that are available in the market for different industrial applications:

  1. T-9 Collar Locknut – Collar locknuts are frequently used in framing, automotive, and metalworking industries because they are capable enough to withstand shock loads and severe vibration. Collar lock nuts are one piece nuts with a cadmium & yellow plating and a flat bottom bearing surface with chamfered corners. The prevailing torque characteristics are created by an oval locking collar on top of the nut. 
  1. Thin Collar Locknut – This locknut is most effective when used in applications requiring large diameters, high strength, and lightweight. Medium carbon steel and heat formation are used to form thin collar locknuts. Large diameter full collar and thin collar locknuts can be effectively used in high strength heavy industry applications. They are mostly popular in the hydraulics industry. 
  1. Automation Locknut – The automation locknuts are available in oval lock, cone top, and unitorque shape. The cone shaped top allows for automated, high-speed assembly with less temperature limitations. This style of locknut is widely used in high volume assembly operations. A top choice when a reusable, rugged, one-piece construction locknut is required. All plating types are available for our products. 
  1. Flange Locknuts – They are best suitable for the areas where there is larger bearing surface and can cover oversized holes or bridge elongated slots. The additional bearing surface distributes the clamp load stresses over a larger area making it useful when mated with softer materials. They are available in various sizes ranging from small, regular and large, styles such as flat top and cone top, types include center lock and top lock. 
  1. Jam Locknuts – Jam design is a low profile locknut. These locknuts have 3-point deflection and offer the most economical and efficient locking features. They can be assembled from either side, thus reducing the automated assembly cost. There are available top lock designs, however, they can be installed only from one side. This allows you to run the nut on further before engaging the locking element.

TriState Locknuts has grown into a diverse manufacturer supplying a wide range of distributors and OEMs with high-quality, all-metal, prevailing-torque locknuts for industrial applications. Our trademark of all-metal prevailing-torque locknuts, including thin collar locknuts and T9 collar locknuts, is registered with US Patent and Trademark Office and with DISC. We supply aforementioned locknuts to the government organizations, private industries and companies.