Tips to Select the Best Flange Locknuts for Truck Manufacturing

With the increase in demand for truck and road transportation, businesses are looking for durable and efficient heavy-duty trucks to distribute goods. With high demands from construction activities and large-scale transportation of consumer goods, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of trucks are continuing to make huge profits. However, with rising concerns surrounding truck emissions and pressure from federal regulators to meet environmental policies, OEMs are required to innovate their components to stay compliant, efficient, and competitive. One of the components that is used heavily in this industry is flange locknuts. So here is how you can select the best flange lock nuts for your heavy-duty vehicle manufacturing process.

flange locknuts

• Look for Lightweight Locknut
Truck manufacturers are required to meet Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) which is the maximum operating weight of vehicle allowed on the road. It includes the truck’s curb weight plus cargo, goods, driver, passengers, fuel, and all standard equipment. OEM manufacturers look for lightweight components to minimize the curb weight (vehicle’s weight when it is not in use). For that, they need lightweight flange locknuts to clamp two parts together. Hundreds of nuts are used in the construction of one vehicle. Therefore, you must buy lighter single metal lock nuts, so that you can keep the curb weight in check.

• Buy All-Metal Corrosion Resistant Locknut
All-metal locknuts have no nylon or plastic inserts. Flange nuts made of durable, 316 stainless steel grade are resistant to corrosion and chemicals. A threaded steel locknut prevents loosening during vibration and offers consistent torque. These nuts can hold great tensions. They have a very high fatigue life. Using corrosion resistance and vibration-proof locknuts will reduce maintenance costs, thus increasing the efficiency of trucks and saving money of heavy-duty truck users.

• Incorporate Locknuts at the Design Phase
It is vital to understand the importance of fastening components in the success of truck manufacturing. If flange locknuts are incorporated at the start of the design phase, it will help you design simpler components and improve assembly efficiency. Contact a reliable locknut manufacturer and ask for some samples. Use these samples in prototype testing to find the optimum locknut design solution for your truck. It will eliminate re-engineering works and budget over-runs down the line. Ask your supplier to customize the locknut design to suit your specific manufacturing needs.

• Buy From a Reliable Company
The defining factor to select the best flange locknuts is to look for a reliable locknut supplier. A knowledgeable supplier, like us, will work with your design, engineering and procurement team to customize the locknuts as per your manufacturing needs. TriState Locknuts has a vast collection of locknuts in different sizes, styles, grades, thread pitch, plating, and tap size. We always keep locknuts in stock to meet your urgent requirements. We have shorter lead times when it comes to delivering custom nuts.

The truck manufacturing industry is moving toward lightweight technology. Truck manufacturers look for good-quality, innovative components to decrease production costs, maintenance expenses, and meet regulations. If you are looking for flange locknuts, follow the above-listed tips while buying them in bulk quantity for your automotive manufacturing facility.