Locknuts Manufacturer and Supplier


At TriState Locknuts, our strength lies in our ability to innovate and build unique things for our customers. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of all-metal prevailing torque lock nuts, we aim is to provide only highest quality products and the best customer service to our clients. We manufacture and keep stock of a range of all-metal prevailing torque locknuts which can be used in a wide range of applications.


Within our inventory you will find Flange Locknuts (Grade G and F), T-9 Collar Locknuts, T-9 Hex Nuts, Collar Locknuts, Automation Locknuts, Heavy Hex-2 Collar Lock Nuts, and Thin Collar Locknuts. All our locknuts can resist loosening when vibration, shock or torque is present.


Our Manufacturing Process


  1. Installation of the Locking Elements

The key highlight that makes us locknuts unique from our competitors is the installation of locking features. We adopt a very refined approach to manufacture impressing nuts for each product group. We incorporate technical press machines and testing equipment during the manufacturing process to ensure we produce only good quality nuts. We make sure highest quality deflection is installed and greatest part to part consistency is achieved.


Our tooling machine has integral sensors which gives information to the machine to make sure each cycle is consistent and complete. We have smart processors to keep track of the operating speed of machine so as to maximize the output with minimal requirement of operator control.


  1. Torque Test Machines

The torque testing machines are the most beneficial advancement in the locking process. The customized machines work in close association with tooling system to center the prevailing torque. The torque test machines are precise and keep track of all results, eliminates errors. The machines are capable of handling standard locknuts of any size.


  1. Computer Numerical Control Turning Machine

Our Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine has fully automated parts which make the handling process quick and efficient and also lower down the workloads. The various turning configurations of our CNC machine provide good precision, consistency and greater diversity in manufacturing locknuts of different sizes.


  1. Automatic Nut Tapping Machine

We make use of a variety of tapping machines, ranging from high-precision electronic devices to standard multi-spindle screw machine. We use these machines to shape and cut off the nuts without the threads. The automatic screw machine and tapping tool can be used together to first cut off the nut from the stock and then threaded to get the desired shape.


  1. Quality Assurance

We have expert testers who perform quality testing at each step of the manufacturing process. As a leading lock nuts manufacturer and supplier, it is our responsibility to provide high-quality locknuts to industries globally.


For further information, get in touch with us @ +(330) 655-2536. You can also send an email to tristatetooldie@yahoo.com.