Industries That Use All Metal Prevailing Torque Locknuts

The all metal prevailing torque locknuts are designed for high torque applications. All these prevailing torque nuts are suitable for industries where there is high temperature, high vibration, tensile strength, corrosion. Their unique design and even distribution of stress and loads make them the perfect lock nuts for demanding applications.

all metal prevailing torque locknuts

TriState Tool & Die is a manufacturer and supplier of all metal prevailing torque locknuts. The industries where all these locknuts are commonly used include:

Chemical Industries – The chemical industries require anti-corrosive nut for their maintenance programs. The types of materials that make up the locknuts used in the chemical industries include Alloy/Hastelloy C4. Since they are all metal, they can be easily used in applications where excessive temperature exists or where certain chemicals are being used. Typically, they can be used for up to 750 degrees C (or about 1400 Fahrenheit).

Mining Industries – The all metal prevailing torque locknuts and nylon insert locknuts are designed specifically for the mining industry. In the mining industry, these locknuts are used during the installation of Ball Mill Liners, Sag Mill Liners, Chute Liners, and Rod Mill Liners. The design of torque locknuts ensures resistance to any loosening under vibrations.

Ship Building – The metal prevailing torque locknuts are ideal for navy and ship building industries. They have been designed for the high temp and high vibration environments found in the boiler and exhaust areas of ships. They are also suitable for the aviation and aerospace industry, where different dimensions and tolerances are required. Unique thread pattern of torque locknuts lowers the strain on the bolt, allowing it to perform better and for a longer period.

Transport Industry – In the automotive industry, nuts used in vehicles are exposed to vibrations and dynamic loads continuously during movement. The all metal prevailing torque locknuts are used in engine exhaust systems, mechanical engineering, construction machinery, rail vehicles and agricultural machinery. Their added advantages are: high thermal stability, uniform load, stress distribution and constant thread friction.

The torque locknuts can be reused or a limited number of times as each time the nut is used, the prevailing torque capacity declines. They are not considered suitable for long threaded assemblies because as in such condition the locking feature of the nuts gets destroyed and the mating parts are also affected.

These locknuts reduce the maintenance costs. You require no special tooling to install and remove the nuts. This helps save both time and material cost. Trust TriState Locknuts when you need high-quality all metal prevailing torque locknuts for industrial applications. TriState is also an approved supplier to the government.