Advantages of Flange Lock Nuts over Hex Lock Nuts

Whenever two things have to be bound together, we do it with the help of nuts. From a small structured device to big assemblies, we put nuts wherever we need to join two surfaces. This small structured tool used for assembling two surfaces is called a ‘locknut’. It carries many useful features required for a variety of applications.

flange locknuts

The most common Hex Lock Nuts are the hexagonal shaped nuts that carry a unique locking feature to avoid loosening due to vibrations and torque. A Flange Lock Nut has a wide circular flange at one end that acts like an integrated washer.


Structure of Flange Lock Nuts and Hex Nuts


As hex locknuts feature a hexagonal shape, this helps to provide a good grip when you use a wrench or other tools for tightening and loosening of the nut. When two dimples are made in the inner grooves of nut, that add to the locking feature to it. Sometimes, nylon and rubber are also used in the inner part of the nuts to reduce loosening due to vibrations.

Flange Lock Nuts have the shape of attached washer at one end of the Hex Lock Nut. Flange Lock Nuts provides the extra resisting surface to add to the tightening strength to the nut. Sometimes, flange lock nuts are used to cover oversized holes or bridge elongated slots. Commonly used in assembly lines where workers have to speed up the work processes.


Why Flange Lock Nuts are better than Hex Nuts


More advantages and features come with flange lock nuts when compared to ordinary hex locknuts.

  • Flange nuts cover more area when used on oversized or irregular shaped holes as the ring attached to the nut end provides more circumference.
  • Flange lock nuts provide more space for serration. Serration is the process of putting irregular surface to increase the resistance force between the surfaces. As there is more mating space, it provides more tightening strength.
  • No need to put washers when using flange lock nuts and it also cuts the extra cost of washer and time when applied in applications.


A wide variety of products are available in the market. Here, you need to identify the best locknuts as per your requirements. When you are placing an order, don’t miss the quality check and reviews. Hex nuts and flange nuts suppliers you choose matters a lot when it comes to purchasing any industrial product.

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