A Short Overview on Flange Locknuts

Flange locknuts are available in two major types of flange nuts and serrated flange locknuts. Flange locknuts are prevailing torque locknuts while serrated flange nuts are free spinning. These are differentiated by their appearance and meet the different purposes of applications in various industries. Industries chose these locknuts depending upon their style, size, feature, and benefits. Take a look at more detailed information on both of these-

Flange Locknuts

Serrated locknuts

Serrated locknuts, whiz locknuts, and spin locknuts refer to the same type of locknuts. Hex flange nuts generally have a serrated bearing surface. One of the best things about these locknuts is that they provide freedom to use them irregularly and for oversized wholes. This is the reason serrated flange locknuts are used on a large scale for commercial and industrial applications.

The protruding circular flange of the locknuts augments the bearing surface of the nut; it requires less torque for installation rather than removal. It happens because of the grip action of the serrated flange locknuts that form a ratchet-type locking feature. Though this type does not provide premium capabilities like flange locknuts, you can achieve many benefits by using it properly.

Flange Nuts

These nuts are recognized by a few other names like flange style automation nuts, self-aligning nuts, spherical nuts, leveling nuts, and prevailing torque nuts. These nuts have a wide flange at one of the ends and act like an integrated washer for the purpose they are used.  Due to great capabilities and features, these nuts are used for various industrial applications that include truck manufacturing equipment, aerospace industry, and engineering which requires great stability of the structure with no change in the end product.

Some of the flange nuts are used for combining large things made of plastic and wood. They distribute the pressure of the nut over the part while ensuring safety and lessening risks of damage to the part. They are less likely to loosen and typically have hexagonal shapes made of hardened steel and coated zinc. Flange locknuts with the combination of bolts and screws can provide excellent tightening.


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