A Short Overview on All Metal Prevailing Torque Locknuts

The torque locknuts are prevailing torque locknuts that help in resisting self-loosening of the combination of nut and bolt due to any outside cause. It’s available in two different types ranging in dissimilar sizes: all metal and nylon insert. Prevailing torque locknuts can be chosen as per requirement of the machine or equipment. In this blog-post, we will discuss some important things about all-metal prevailing torque locknuts.


Prevailing torque locknuts


What Are The Functions And Mechanism Of All Metal Prevailing Torque Locknuts?

Available in different forms, these locknuts incorporate a locking feature which significantly enhances friction between the nut part and the mating part to offer more sustainability. It requires tightening against a bearing surface to allow locking mechanism to function well. In both processes, be it loosening or tightening it requires the same dynamism. In simple words, you would need to apply the same amount of force to assemble the nut and to remove the same.

These are reusable for many times until they start facing mutilation. Besides, successive removal and reapplications reduce effectiveness of the combination and they cannot be used as proficiently as it was used first or second time. The metal prevailing torque locknuts have potential impacts on certain applications in order to improve the performance of the equipment.

All-metal prevailing torque locknuts are useful in various applications as they resist loosening due to excessive temperature and vibration. It has common applications in various industries like turbine engines, aviation or aerospace, military applications, high temperature applications, high vibration applications, ship building applications, automobile turbochargers, etc. For up to 750 degrees, these metal prevailing torque locknuts can be used to fetch maximum successful operation.

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