A Brief Introduction on Collar Type Locknuts, Their Uses, and Availability

Collar type locknuts have large dimensions and they are widely used to achieve the most consistent and residual torque. These nuts act as receivers for the nut deflection which is responsible for creating the locking features.

Collar locknuts are among the nuts that are widely used to accomplish various purposes, and thus, they remain high in demand. At the same time, the use requires precise quality and sustainability.

If you have been looking for a brief yet important information on some crucial elements of these locknuts, the blog post is for you. The information will help you understand the locknuts in an improved way.. 

Different Uses of Collar Locknuts:


Collar lock nuts are famous for being used in heavy equipment to allow the assembly of the structure with minimal thread damage. During the process, the speed of assembly should be reduced as the diameters of the nut increases. Also, the mating part should extend itself at least one full thread past the nut surface. It ensures the locking element engagement.

These nuts can be used applications requiring high strength and lightweight. They work well with these applications. These are heat-treated nuts and formed from medium carbon steel. Collar lock nuts are designed to use with Grade 8 bolts.

Available in full collar and thin collar designs, these nuts are popular in the hydraulic industry. You can order these nuts in various sizes, metals, finishing, and types. 

Best Features of Collar Type Locknuts:


When these nuts are combined with the most suitable washer, it offers great hold, strength, and sustainability to the overall structure. These nuts offer the most consistent torque of all the products that you can find in the market. They can be safely removed from high to low limits during overhaul.

Users love these nuts as they offer trouble-free assembly, smooth progressive locking, and equal distribution of locking pressure over large areas. These nuts can be reused for several times because of their great friction capability. Superior locking and uniform performance increase these nuts’ fame among all the nuts available in the market. 

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