4 Most Common Reasons for Loose Bolts

Bolts with a combination of locknuts are used for a wide range of applications. For each unique requirement of a bolt, there is a different locknut to provide the joint more sustainability, power, and resistance. For instance, flange locknut has a wide flange that distributes the pressure equally over the part which is being secured. This helps the combination to reduce the chances of any damage. These are mostly hexagonal and made up of hardening steel and coated with zinc. Flange locknuts are commonly used in the aerospace industry. You would need to contact a flange locknuts manufacturer to give you the most appropriate locknuts for your purpose.

flange locknuts

Military, oilfield, turbines, power generators, marine, chemical refining, aerospace industries, automotive industries, and for many other purposes bolts and locknuts are used. Loosening of the bolt can lead to hazardous situations. Therefore, it’s better to know the reasons and pick the best tool. Here, the blog-post talks about the most common reasons for loose bolts.

When The Bolt Is Too Tight:– An under-tightened bolt is already loose and results in an accident. In such a condition, the joint does not have sufficient clamp force required to have a grip on all sections together. Unwanted shear stress and slippage between sections lead to breaking. Therefore, it’s important to select the most appropriate type of locknut.

When A Shock Occurs And Applies Sudden Force: It’s very common for machines to cause mechanical shocks. When it happens, a sudden force gets applied to the combination or the joint. The condition makes the bolt threads to slip and reach relatively the thread of the joint. As a result, the shock causes loosening of the joint and leads to serious risks. The use of prevailing torque nuts can be an ideal choice for avoiding sudden force.

When the Joint Constantly Vibrates: When the joint is at a vibrating state, it has various transverse movements. This makes both sections of the joint move parallel with the head of the bolt and the locknut. When these movements work repeatedly, they go against the friction between the threads that hold the joint together. As a result, the joint loses its clamp and the bolt gets in relaxed mode from the mating threads. To enhance the friction between the joint, the most suitable type of metal prevailing torque locknut can be used.

When The Material Of Bots And Locknuts Is Different: It’s very important to use the same kind of material to form the joint of bolts and nuts. When it does not happen, a big difference in temperature because of the atmospheric change causes the bolt to either expand or contract quickly. That’s how the loosening of bolts occurs.
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